Subject Matter Specialist (SMS): Eligibility, Work and Salary


Subject Matter Specialist: SMS is also known as Subject Matter Specialist. The vacant posts of SMS are filled through the selection of eligible candidates. Candidates are posted in different places. Payable Salary of an SMS is based on the pay-scale of class 2 officer.


1.Introduction: Subject Matter Specialist
2.How to Become an SMS?
3.Field of Work
4.Salary of an SMS
5.Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction: Subject Matter Specialist

NAME OF THE POSTSubject Matter Specialist (विषय विशेषज्ञ)
TYPEGovernment Job
RELATED DEPARTMENT (S)Agriculture, Horticulture
OFFICEKVK or Krishi Vigyan Kendra

Subject Matter Specialist or SMS is a class 2 (class two) government officer. He is considered as a master in his field of knowledge. Hence, he is called as Subject Matter Specialist. He is an individual person responsible for his duties. A Krishi Vigyan Kendra (कृषि विज्ञान केंद्र) may have more than 1 Subject Matter Specialist who are specialist in their respective fields.

This is a government post, yet no written test is conducted for it. This is a post for the students of all categories. In most cases, only posts related to backlog are filled. Students who fulfill the required qualifications are selected.

The vacant posts are filled by the University of Agriculture. These posts keep coming every 2 to 3 years.

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2. How to Become an SMS?

2.1 Required Education

  • M. Sc. Agriculture
  • M. Sc. Horticulture.
  • Agriculture Engineering (M.E.).

2.1.1 List of M. Sc. Agriculture Subject

  • Agronomy.
  • Entomology.
  • Soil Science.
  • Plant Pathology.

2.1.2 List of M. Sc. Horticulture Subject

  • M. Sc. Vegetable Science.
  • M. Sc. Fruit Science.
  • M. Sc. Floriculture and Landscape Gardening.

2.1.3 Agriculture Engineering (M. Tech.)

Students with grade A or first division are more likely to be selected for the post.

A student should have 2 – 4 research paper published to his/her name.

2.2. Where to Apply?

The vacant posts are filled by the agricultural universities. It can be applied after the release of official notification.

Students are selected though an interview process. This interview is conducted and taken by the team of related university.

2.4 Posting of an SMS

An Subject Matter Specialist is posted anywhere inside a state. As said earlier, it is KVK or Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

3. Field of Work

3.1 Farmer’s Training

Farmer Training is a very important training program by Krishi Vigyan Kendra for farmers. The training program is organized specially for small and marginal farmers, but big farmers can also participate. Subjects of training program are as follows:

  • Insect-pests management.
  • Introduction to Insects.
  • Crop management practice.
  • Irrigation management.
  • Harvesting of crops.
  • Mushroom production.
  • Livestock management.
  • Manure production.

3.1.1 Insect-pests Management

  • Identification of harmful insect-pests.
  • Theoretical knowledge of harmful inspect-pests.
  • Practical knowledge of banduk insect-pests.
  • Insect-pests control by biological, chemical, mechanical method.
  • Low cost pests management practice.

3.1.2 Introduction to Insects

  • Introduction to beneficial insects: This includes insects like lady bird beetle, predatory mites etc., which pray on harmful insect-pests.
  • Introduction to economically important beneficial insects: This includes beneficial insect like honey bee.

3.1.3 Crop Management Practice

  • Nutrient application.
  • Disease management practice.
  • Crop residue management practice: This include biological, physical and chemical methods.

3.1.4 Irrigation Management

  • Irrigation management practice for low cost irrigation.
  • Irrigation management practice for efficient use of water.
  • Identification of critical stage for irrigation for different plant-crops.

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3.1.5 Harvesting of Crops

  • Identification of right stage.
  • Effective harvesting to reduce crop loss.

3.1.6 Mushroom Production

3.1.7 Livestock Management

  • Timely vaccination program.
  • Fodder management.

3.1.8 Manure Production

  • Production of farm yard manure.
  • Production of vermicompost.

3.2 Research Work

  • Research work on cereal crop.
  • Research work on pulse crop.
  • Research work on fibre crop.
  • Research work on cane crop.
  • Research work on fruit plant.
  • Research work on flower crops.
  • Research work on vegetable crops.

3.2.1 Research work on cereal crop

Example: Rice, wheat, maize, millets.

3.2.2 Research work on pulse crop

Example: Red gram, black gram, green gram, chick pea etc.

3.2.3 Research work on fibre crop

Example: Cotton, jute etc.

3.2.4 Research work on cane crop

Example: Sugarcane.

3.2.5 Research work on fruit plants

Example: Mango, guava, litchi, cashewnut, coconut, citrus, ber etc.

3.2.6 Research work on flower crops

Example: Rose, tuberose, gladiolus, marigold, aster, orchid, daisy, dahlia, carnation, anthurium, chrysanthemum etc.

3.2.7 Research work on vegetable crops

Example: Tomato, potato, cucurbits, okra, bhinmal, okra, beans, cauliflower, cabbage etc.

3.3 Technical Knowledge to Farmers

  • Technical/practical knowledge on disease control in field.
  • Technical/practical knowledge on post harvest disease control.
  • Technical/practical knowledge on insect control in field.
  • Technical/practical knowledge on post harvest insect control
  • Technical/practical knowledge on crop management.
  • Technical/practical knowledge on seed technology.

3.4 To Participate in Exhibition Programs

He has to participate in various exhibition programs organized by the state government or local administration. Example- Kisaan Mela (किसान मेला).

4. Salary of an SMS

A Subject Matter Specialist is a grade 2 officer. The overall monthly salary depends on the current pay commission of a particular state. For example it is 5,400 (pay-scale) in Chhattisgarh. The monthly salary is up to 52,000 -56,000 INR for a fresher.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Is SMS a good Job?

Answer: In the field of agriculture, sms is a very respectful job/post. An sms is also a scientist. He can invent new things. The post of SMS is full of responsibilities. It is a very good job.

Question 02. Can a B. Sc. Agriculture Pass out (student) apply for SMS?

Answer: No, because he/she will not be eligible.

Question 03. Can an M. Sc. student from other stream, e.g. Zoology, Botany etc., apply for SMS, because it is equivalent to M. Sc. Agriculture?

Answer: No. It is a specialist post.

Question 04. Can a student of a particular state apply for the SMS in other state?

Answer: Yes, he/she can apply for SMS in other state.

Question 05. Can a student from foreign country apply for SMS?

Answer: Yes, but he/she should have Indian citizenship.


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Amin chukhu
Amin chukhu
23 days ago

Forestry is eligible for SMS?

Bijayanka Baidya
Bijayanka Baidya
3 months ago

What is the syllabus of this job}?

Shankar lal yadav
Shankar lal yadav
5 months ago

Is Msc Agriculture Metrology Post Graduate eligible for this post?

Last edited 5 months ago by Shankar lal yadav
5 months ago

Yes, the post of SMS is created for meteorological students. New posts are about to created in near feature by the related department.

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Sapna Yadav
Sapna Yadav
6 months ago

i have never heard a SMS of plant physiology. Do they really exist

6 months ago
Reply to  Sapna Yadav

The posts of SMS for plant protection are created for the students of:

1. Entomology.
2. Plant Pathology.

KVKs may have vacant posts for either ‘SMS Entomology’ or ‘SMS Plant Pathology’.

6 months ago
Reply to  Sapna Yadav

Thanks for your comment!

Actually it was plant pathology which…

Sapna Yadav
Sapna Yadav
6 months ago
Reply to  admin

Does plant physiology even comes under agriculture?

6 months ago

whether agricultural statistics students are eligible for SMS post

6 months ago
Reply to  jhansi

Yes, they are also eligible.

8 months ago

What about a post graduate in agriculture extension is there is no subject matter specialist in agriculture extension?

7 months ago
Reply to  Palvi

No, the ‘Post of SMS’ also exist for AE PG Students.

9 months ago

Can Msc Agriculture Extension post graduate not eligible for this post?

7 months ago
Reply to  Palvi

They are eligible