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SWOT Analysis – The SWOT Analysis for Chhattisgarh Agriculture is an explanation for current scenario and scope of agriculture in Chhattisgarh in future. Here you will know about- 1. SWOT Analysis definition- What is SWOT Analysis and how to do it rightly 2. SWOT Analysis- Strength, Opportunities and Threats. 3. SWOT Analysis of Chhattisgarh Agriculture and Horticulture.


SWOT analysis is a tool and deciding factor for making an strategy. For example – SWOT analysis of an organization, analyze the internal as well as external factors. Setting a goal becomes relatively easy after analyzing weakness and strength of an organization.

Reasons to use SWOT

  • Recognising true potential for maximizing possibilities.
  • To find out internal and external factors which can affect the potential of an organization.
  • All process help in maximizing the potential of the opportunities and strengths.
  • Hence to minimize the possibility of threats.

Right time to apply SWOT

The analysis is performed first. Analysis for surrounding environment is necessary i.e., society’s norms, economy, politics, resources, population, health etc.It should be applied in current plan.

Right Way to Use SWOT

As previously said, the implementation of the SWOT should be done after the analysis.

Internal Analysis- Analysis of own strength and weaknesses. It is very important for decision making.

External Analysis- Analysis for opportunities and threats is done. A new opportunity is always good. It has high risk factor also. We should go to the root of a new opportunity for the early detection of a risk factor.

How to Detect Strengths?

  • Positivity in thoughts.
  • The best skill inside us.
  • The creativity of a person or organization.
  • Upper hand or advantages of an organization.
  • What is unique inside you?
  • Will to do.
  • Advance in science and technology.

How to Detect Weaknesses?

  • Negativity in thoughts.
  • Our weak area and point.
  • Area of less knowledge.
  • Popularity in society.
  • Poor reputation among customers.

How to Detect Opportunities?

  • Favorable external conditions.
  • Favorable internal conditions.
  • Arrival of ne technology and tools.
  • Removal of trade barriers.

How to Detect Threats?

  • Negative external conditions.
  • Negative internal conditions.
  • Barriers before us.
  • Advanced competitors.
  • No credit in market.
  • Non-favorable rules and regulations.
  • Non-favorable governmental policies.

SWOT Analysis For Chhattisgarh Agriculture and Horticulture

SWOT analysis of Chhattisgarh agriculture can be done using these tools. Let’s start…..


  • Mainly 3 Agro-climatic zones.
  • Rich in soil type.
  • Abundance in fertile soil
  • Less percentage of barren land.
  • More number of rivers.
  • Dominance of rice crop.
  • Agri based government schemes and plans.
  • Systematic agriculture co-operative societies.
  • Dominance in rice mil sector.
  • Development of food processing units.

Also Read÷ Agriculture Schemes: Chhattisgarh government.


  • Cultivation and production of rice crop depends on rain. It is rainfed agriculture.
  • Unequal distribution of mansoon.
  • Land holding is less. Large number of small farmers.
  • Lack of scientific knowledge.
  • Number of non-technical farmers is high.
  • Labour cost is high.


  • Development of agriculture entrepreneurship.
  • Contract farming between farmers and public-private sectors.
  • Agriculture as business i.e., advanced and commercial agriculture.
  • Development of NGOs.
  • Non-conventional source of energy. Example- solar panel.
  • Fast growing IT network.
  • Export- rice, tea (Jashpur nagar), sugarcane (Ambikapur).
  • Agri export zone- rice, sugarcane etc.


  • Erratic weather e. g., hailstorm. storm.
  • Draught during Mansoon.
  • Price fluctuation in local market.
  • Inadequate processing facilities for other crops except rice mil.

SWOT Analysis for Chhattisgarh Agriculture/Horticulture Development

As an agriculture state Chhattisgarh the SWOT Analysis for agriculture and horticulture development can be done relatively easy.


  • Favorable weather and climate for field and plantation crops.
  • Favorable governmental policies regarding agri and horticulture sectors.


  • Low potential of human power should be minimized by motivational steps.
  • Introducing new innovative technology.


  • Steps and ideas of agriculture entrepreneur should be supported.
  • Opportunity of credit should be offered.


  • Crop insurance should implemented strictly to minimize economical loss.
  • Development of water catchment area for draught.

Also Read: Horticulture Schemes by the government of Chhattisgarh.

Last Updated: 28-03-2021.

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Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar
2 years ago

this analysis is also done for all agriculture