List of Major Fruit-Crops

Major Fruit Crops

Main Article: List of Major Fruit Crops The Major Fruit-crops or Major Fruits (Translation>“मुख्य फल वाले फसल”) are a category of fruit-crops. The other important group of fruit-crops is ‘minor fruits or minor fruit-crops‘. These fruits can easily be identified by it’s use, range of acceptance and scientific classification. The most important criteria, for a… Continue reading List of Major Fruit-Crops

Minor Fruit crops and Their Classification

Minor Fruit

This post, ‘Minor Fruit crops and Their Classification‘, classifies the Minor Fruit Crops of India and in other countries around the world using list. Any fruit is called or known as Minor Fruit or Minor Fruit Crops when it is grown as a ‘secondary-importance’ crop. In this post we will know about the ‘Classification of… Continue reading Minor Fruit crops and Their Classification