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Papaya Variety: 786 (Taiwan)

It is a hybrid variety of papaya introduced from Taiwan. The 786 or Taiwan Variety of Papaya is a very good variety of papaya similar to pusa nanha the another dwarf variety of papaya. Although it is a small to medium plant. This variety of papaya is known for its better keeping quality and good nutritional value. This cultivar of papaya is ideal for protected cultivation.

NameTaiwan, 786
TypeHybrid cultivar of papaya, high yield cultivar
Recommended forTropical and Subtropical regions of India
QualityVery good


  • The plant is of short height i.e. dwarf to semi-dwarf in nature.
  • Stem is healthy and strong.


  • Vigorous Plants: Plants are vigorous.
  • Stem and Trunk: Diameter of the basal section of the stem is more the upper section of the main trunk.
  • Fruit: Fruits are medium sized having oblong shape. The flesh of the fruit changes to red when ripe.
  • Flower: The plants bear hermaphodite flowers.

Growing Conditions


The cultivar can be grown in all tropical and subtropical conditions. Temperature and humidity can be maintained under protected cultivation.


Like other varieties of papaya, it requires well drained soil which is rich in organic matters. The pH of 6 – 7 should be managed.

Protected Cultivation

The cultivar can be grown shade house following standard cultivation practice. White shadenet should be used to make plant house.

Irrigation System Under Protected Cultivation: Drip irrigation is best for th cultivation of this variety.

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Flowering And Fruiting


Flowering occurs throughout the year. The plants bear hermaphrodite flowers.


The pattern of fruit growth is the double sigmoid curve.. Fruit size is medium to big. The fruiting starts at 1.5 to 2 feet from soil surface.

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Government Scheme

This variety is included in various government schemes under the department of horticulture. The plants of 786 are distributed to farmers and growers under Area Expansion and other small schemes.

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Explanation of Post Related Words


A plant having both the male and female organs is termed as hermaphrodite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. What is the propagation method of this variety?

Answer: This variety of papaya is propagated using seeds.

This is short description about papaya variety, Taiwan or 786.

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