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3.1 Money Refund

3.1.1. Purchased PDF(S): E-books and Notes

  • Eligible, if still to be sent by us.
  • Not Possible, if Already Sent by us.

3.1.2. Subscription

The subscription services provided by us are online. You can ask for money refund before the start of the plan.

We wouldn’t be able to refund the amount paid by you, once the plan has been started from us.

3.1.3. Refund Process

Refund process is initiated by the payment gateway used by us with our request to them. Currently, we are using Pay-U-Money as our payment gateway. We don’t have control over it.


Generally, it takes one week to complete the refund process by them. But, the actual duration of refund process completely depends on them.

(4). Third Party Contents

While exploring the website (Shasyadhara Agriculture), you may see third party contents.

To go with third party contents, you have to accept theirTerms of Use‘ as well as ‘Privacy Policy‘. And, we strongly recommend that you don’t spoil theirTerms of Use‘ and ‘Policy‘.

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