Top 10 Farming Business Ideas

From top left 1. Poultry 2. Cement pole making 3. Rose cultivation inside poly house

Top 10 Farming Business Ideas – Here are ‘Top 10 Farming Business Ideas’ suggested by us. There are many ‘farming business Ideas‘ in agriculture. Some are low cost and very profitable. These farming business can be started from very low to high investment.

Note: Agriculture farming business doesn’t requires legal license. Although businesses like insecticide shop, seed production and the production of crop like opium requires legal license issued by the government.

Introduction: Top 10 Farming Business Ideas

India is a land of agriculture. This sentence creates all the beautiful pictures of crop-rich green fields, colourful gardens, lived birds and cattle across the country. Although scenario of agriculture in India is changing rapidly. The area of total agriculture land is decreasing year by year due to fast and extensive growth of non-ecofriendly industries in India also causing infertility of soil.

Affected and decreasing agriculture lands are some main reason for low productivity of soil and less market price and value of agricultural raw products. That is the reason why some small and medium community of farmers are switching their traditional business i.e., from agriculture to non-agriculture, for other source of livelihood.

But I would like to suggest you that, as a industry the field of agriculture has great scope and immense potential in some specific area. Here I am going to highlight some most profitable ‘Top 10 Farming Business Ideas’. Check out these top 10 farming business ideas listed below:

  • Mushroom Production.
  • Production of Farm Compost.
  • Poultry Farming.
  • Fish Production.
  • Ornamental Flower Production.
  • Animal Husbandry for Milk Production.
  • Fodder Production for cattle feed.
  • Plant Nursery.
  • Commercial Crop Production.
  • Production of Commercial Fruit Crops.

1. Production of Mushroom and Mushroom Spawn:

Complete procedure of cultivation of sister mushroom cost and benefits
Oyster Mushroom Production Unit

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Mushroom is a fungus body. Due to high quantity and percentage of protein in fruiting body it can directly substitutes meat and chicken for a vegetarian person. There are different categories of mushrooms. Their climate requirements vary from species to species. We will talk about some economically important and most cultivated species in the different states of India. These are as follows:

  • Cold season– White button mushroom.
  • Warm condition– Oyster and paddy straw mushroom.

Procedure for cultivation of mushroom is different for each species. White button mushroom requires some basic tank type structure filled with casing (a type of compost) . Production of white button mushroom is higher than other species under controlled environment. Its market price ranges from 150-500 INR per kg across India. While oyster and paddy straw mushroom are spawned on paddy cuts. Both require less area.

Production of mushroom spawn is a very profitable farming business idea in India. In India there is a big community of farmers and small producer. They can’t afford the cost of establishing a spawn production unit. They always purchase mushroom seed i.e. spawn from a producer.

Price of 100-200 g of mushroom spawn is around 15-20 INR. So a commercial unit with a commercial production scale can make a huge success using proper marketing tools.

Training for mushroom cultivation and spawn production is offered by different private companies, Krishi Vigyan Kendras, Forest department and agriculture colleges. Also there is a subsidy provided by various state government for establishment of mushroom spawn production unit.

2. Production of Farm Compost:

Vermicompost Unit: Production of Vermicomst (केंचुआ खाद)

Farm composting is another profitable farming venture can hand great success if applied with great interest and some decent invest. Composting is an easy and less expensive task. All locally available wastes e. g. rotten goods, uprooted weeds and plants, old news papers, by products of dairy and mushroom production unit such as dung and used paddy straw. Every biodegradable and ecofriendly waste is applicable in composting.

Farm Yard Manure and vermi-compost are some major example of compost which returns much amount of money. These can be started with less investment. For commercial production of FYM make 20-25 dig of 20 feet long, 10 feet wide and depth of 5 feet and gradually increase the number of structure. Per trolley rate of FYM is 1000-2500 INR varies from place to place. While per kg market rate of vermicompost is around 50-100 INR, which can be produced by purchasing earthworm (e. g. Eisenia fetida) and using vermi beds. Any one can purchase vermi beds from government departments e. g. Horticulture and KVKs or directly from any private agri shop. Vermicompost can be sold to state forest department because they are appointed by state government to purchase vermicompost from farmer and producers.

3. Poultry Farming:

Poultry farming can be divided into two ways:

  • Poultry farming.
  • Contract farming.

Any one can start a profitable poultry farming for chicken and eggs. Broilers are kept for chicken while layers are reared for for the chicken egg production.

In self farming investment is high but return is also high. Just start with what you have inside your pocket. Main constraint arise in a poultry farm is avian diseases. With a scheduled vaccination program and proper management system poultry farm is a high returning body.

Contract poultry farming is a low investment and also a low returning farming program. Initial investment in shed construction is required. A private which makes a deal with you provide all necessary things for your chicks vaccine and poultry feed.

In reality poultry farming is a risky and also highly profitable subsidiary. If you take a risk after gaining some basic knowledge and training success will be on your way.

Kadakhnath is a country-breed of hen. Farming of Kadakhnath is a highly profitable poultry farming idea.

4. Fish Production:

A protected fish pond

Production of fish is just like a passive source of income out of these all active categories. Just follow these instructions:

  • Purchase or acquire at least 3-5 acre of land.
  • Convert this piece of land into pond.
  • Purchase fish seed spawn release them into pond just before Mansoon.
  • Feed them with fish feed timely.
  • Maintain required level of water depth in pond at least 3-5 feet during summer.
  • Keep them growing while you rest in bed.

Other ideas are:

  • Lease a pond for 5-10 years.
  • Apply for pond formation in state fish department at your block or district level office.
  • Make a self-help group of 10-15 adults and work together.

Artificial fish production unit such as ‘Fish Production jn Tarpaulin Fish Tank‘ is a new technique in fish farming. Per unit fish production is higher than the natural condition.

5. Ornamental Flower Production:

Ornamental flower production is a 365 day’s working and earning idea for an individual who has a piece of own or leased land near any city. It is very profitable. All you have to do is just keep some healthy stock of ever demanding ornamentals such as foliage, plants, flower plants, household plants and lawn sheets etc.

Propagate these plants for the multiplication of your stock. One can also cultivate flower crops like marigold and rose in commercial scale for making a huge amount of money at a specific time. Just start the cultivation of these flower crops 1-2 month before a major festival like Dasehara, Christmas etc. Cultivation practice of marigold is easy.

6. Animal Husbandry for Milk Production:

The demand for milk in near or far future is never going to down. Margin of Return Of money is always above 50%. Say for, if we invest 100 INR for the production of 1 lt. milk then we will receive INR 150 as total income. Main expenses fall in making shed and in cattle feed. So it is advisable to all that one should have at least 1.5-2 acre of farm land. 1 acre only for fodder production and manage this space smartly for year round production of fodder crop. Animal husbandry near a city is a key factor to get early success in this field. Some breeds of cow are special known for their capacity of giving much amount of milk. These are:

  • Sahiwal.
  • Jersey
  • H. F. etc.

Other farm animal can also be reared with cow in a dairy farm for production of more quantity of milk like a milky goat Barbari, Jamunapari etc.

State government schemes also support dairy farming business with 50% subsidy in M. P. and C. G. Rate of subsidy may varies from state to state.

7. Fodder Production for Cattle Feed:

Demand of cattle feed is increasing day by day. In India all small farmer and milk producers depend on third party for fulfilling the requirement of cattle feed for their livestock. A farm business with cattle feed production is always going to be on demand with each passing day. So start now with this idea with 2-5 acre of land. Timely cultivate seasonal fodder crop and soon get in touch with market. Some fodder crops are as follows:

  • Maize for grain and green fodder.
  • Chickpea for grain and green fodder.
  • Berseem for green fodder.
  • Elephant grass for green fodder.
  • Production of Azolla and Subabul.

Harvest these crops make silage and prepare fodder mixture according to standard procedure.

8. Plant Nursery:

This is another good farm business idea near or inside a city. It is also profitable in village area. Start a nursery with 1/2-1 acre nursery area. Start producing nursery plants in beds. Here you have to utilize is piece of land smartly. Govt. schemes also support for establishing a small and high tech plant nursery. Related department is Horticulture.

9. Production of commercial field crops and fruit crops:

Commercial cultivation of any field crop or fruit crop will produce high yield per hectare. Hence it will give more profit. Some criteria are:

  • Farm land should be of 15-50 acre or more.
  • Investment in lakhs.

Commercial crop and fruit cultivation should include economical and cash crop such as sugarcane, pineapple, almond etc.

Last Updated: 28-03-2021

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