Assistant Veterinary Field Officer: AVFO Work and Salary

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The Assistant Veterinary Field Officer or AVFO is a field level Officer under the department of Animal Husbandry. It is a state government post.

Generally, the person related with this post is known as Veterinarian or Doctor of Animals in village areas.

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Note: Data presented in this article may be different in different states.

General info.: Assistant Veterinary Field Officer (AVFO)

TypeType Government service (State Government Post)
Commonly Known asAVFO, पशु चिकत्सा सहायक शल्यज्ञ
Works UnderVeterinary Assistant Sergeon
Grade03 (Class three)
Grade Pay2,400 – 2,800
Field of WorkAssigned (given) villages


1.Eligiblity Criteria
2.Works and Duties of an AVFO
3.Training of an AVFO
4.Explanation of Post Related Words
5.Salary of an AVFO

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(1). Eligiblity Criteria

A student becomes eligible  after 12th, and after the completion of 12th students have to clear PAT or Pre Agriculture Test.

1.1Who are eligible for Pre Agriculture Test?

Student(s) with following subjects are eligible for this exam:

  • Science or biology.

Now, student has to clear PAT or PAT for Polytechnic with good rank so he can secure a seat in polytechnic college.

1.2 Procedures of Selection

Step 01. Completing 12th with eligible subject(s)..

As described earlier.

Step 02. Clearing PAT for Polytechnic..

As described earlier.

Step 03. Completing diploma..

After securing a place in any polytechnic college, students are enrolled in a two-year diploma programme. They are trained in each necessary field.

And, after the completion of the diploma, they are awarded with professional diploma.

Step 04. Clearing entrance exam related with this post..

Now, a candidate has to clear the entrance exam related with this post.

Notification of vacant posts is released by the department. Exam conducting body different.

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(2). Works and Duties of an AVFO


As follows:

  • OPD.
  • Artificial Insemination.
  • Execution of annual plans and schemes.
  • Field visits.
  • Training.
  • Attending meetings.

2.1 OPD

OPD for domestic animals. AVFO sees this department on duty time.

2.2 Artificial Insemination

This is one of the very important work of an AVFO. It is necessary for them to complete the given number of assignment related with Artificial Insemination or AI.

2.3 Execution of Annual Plans and Scheme

Each AVFO is assigned with a fix number of target for each season.

Examples of some plans and schemes are as follows:

  • Backyard Poultry Farming.
  • Goat on Subsidy (Goat Farming).
  • Bulls on Subsidy.
  • Pashu Mitra Yojana.
  • Dairy Farming.

Brief Explanation

Backyard Poultry Farming

  • Eligiblity: ST, SC, OBC, General.
  • Subsidy: 75 – 90%.

Contact person: AVFO.

Goat on Subsidy

  • Eligiblity: All categories.
  • Subsidy: 75 – 90%.

Contact person: AVFO.

Bulls on Subsidy

Gram Panchayat recommendation is needed.

Contact person: AVFO.

Dairy Farming

Distribution of improved breeds of cow on subsidy.

Contact person: AVFO.

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2.4 Filed Visit

Each AVFO is given 4 – 6 Villages with a centre to operate the work properly. According to daily schedule, he/she has to visit the field.

2.5 Training

  • Training to self-help groups.
  • Training in Kisan Mela.
  • Training as demonstration in different Programmes.
  • Training to pashu mitra.

All training are related with management practice.

2.6 Attending Meetings

  • Meetings of AVS.
  • Meetings of Deputy Director.
  • Meeting of SDM.

Example of Duties

  • OPD.
  • Election duties (at the time of election).

(3). Salary of an AVFO

Acording to 7th grade pay..

1. Pay scale is 2,400 – 2,800.
2. Salary is 26,00+ INR (starting).


After certain period, an AVFO is promoted to the post of Assistant Veterinary Sergeon.

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is a branch of agriculture. It is one of the very important allied sector of agriculture, the being fishries (rearing and production of fish), agricultural engineering (applied subject), horticulture (cultivation of fruit, vegetable, flower etc.).

Artificial Insemination

Acording to Wikipedia- “Artificial insemination (AI) is the deliberate introduction of sperm into a female’s cervix or uterine cavity for the purpose of achieving a pregnancy through in vivo fertilization by means other than sexual intercourse or in vitrofertilisation”. (Ref. 01).

Grade pay

The grade pay or pay scale is a unit which tells how much amount a employee would get per month for his work or duty.

Grade scale is different for different employees, and it is based on the grade of the post.

Level, Grade pay, Salary


OPD is a place (in medical) where a communication is seen between a professional such as a doctor and a patient, often ending in diagnosis without admitting the patient in hospital.

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Quetion 01. What is class three post?

Answer: A class three post is the post of Non-Gazetted Officers. The class three post can be identified by its pay scale.

Quetion 02. Is an agriculture student eligible for this post?

Answer: No, agriculture students are not eligible for this post.

Quetion 03. Is AVFO a doctor?

Answer: Yes, they are doctors who attain OPD. But, they don’t use the prefix ‘Dr.’ before their name.

Quetion 04. How much percentage is required in 12th?

Answer: No minimum percentage is required in 12th. Students have to pass 12th.

Question 05. What is PAT?

Answer: PAT or Pre Agriculture Test is a written exam or test. This exam is conducted for-

(a). B. Sc. Agriculture Degree Programme for 01. Students of agriculture. 02. Students of science. 03. Students of mathematics.

(b). Polytechnic Veterinary Diploma Programme for students of science.

Written By Gaurav Gupta, AVFO.

Last Updated: 19-04-2021


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