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Title Water Sprout (Mango)
TypeShoot (plant shoot)
Observed indifferent perennial plants/trees

What is Water Sprout?

A water sprout is a type of plant-shoot generally seen in old perennial trees.

Origin: It originates from the old trunk or old branches of a tree. Actually, these type of shoots develop from exiting buds, especially, dormant buds.

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Definition: According to wikipedia “Water sprouts or water shoots are shoots that arise from the trunk of a tree or from branches that are several years old, from latent buds”.


1.Brief Introduction
2.Types of Water Sprouts in Mango
3.Cause of Emergence
6.Explanation of Post Related Words
7.Frequently Asked Questions
8.Image Gallery
9.Most Important thing

1. Brief Introduction

Water Sprout in Mango

Water Sprouts in mango are also known as water shoots. These are similar to suckers but vary with its origin place.

2. Types of water sprouts in mango

Water sprouts in mango can be categorized in following groups:

Group 01: Water sprouts in mango can be seen originating from two places, first is tree trunk and second is branches of mango tree.

Group 02: It is based on size. Generally, the tree branches produces small water shoots. The tree trunk would produce bigger water shoots.

3. Cause of Emergence

Pruning: Pruning of major and subsidiary branches. The practice triggers growth of water shoots.

Heading back main branches: Heading back of main branches at the base of any particular or all branches produce water shoots very fast.

Physical Damage: Physical damages include-

  • Damage done by storm.
  • Artificial damages done by human.

4. Characteristics

Fast growth: Growth of a water bud is very fast. It develops into a big branch with a few month. The growth rate of a water shoot and the growth of a normal shoot can easily be noticed.

Vigorous: Mango water sprouts emerged from a trunk or from a big branch is very vigorous.

Less Bearer: Big sprout seems to bear less or even no inflorescence/fruits.

Healthy leaves: Leaves are healthear than normal leaves.

5. Importance

Commercial Use: Big water sprouts are used as timber. Generally, big and strait shoots are used as timber.

Economical Value: Economical value of this type of sprout is less.

What to do with water sprouts

In a commercial mango orchard, it should be removed from the tree trunk and main branches if required.

6. Explanation of Post Related Words


Pruning is a horticulture as well as silviculture practice. In pruning…

  • Unwanted parts of a plant/tree are removed by cutting.
  • occasionally, the technique can be used to maintain proper and desired shape of a plant such as thuja and juniper.


A sucker is…

  • A plant shoot.
  • Generally a basal shoot.
  • A vigorous shoot originating just from the base of the plant.
  • Used as ‘division’ in plant propagation.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Which variety of mango produces more water shoots?

Answer: An old mango tree (any variety) are most likely to produce more water shoots.

Question 02. Does the characteristics of mango fruits be lower than fruits on normal shoots?

Answer: No, the characteristics of fruits i.e., size and parameters are same.

8. Image Gallery

9. Important Thing

The most important thing about mango-water-sprout is, its use. The water shoots should not be used for propagating mango plants. It is not considered an ideal propagation material.

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